Tuesday, 5 Dec 2023
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Vancouver: Nature’s Marvel

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Parks dense with lush greenery, and waters that reflect the sky, nature truly went all out in the city of Vancouver. A downtown skyline that is decorated with intimidatingly tall buildings, and outskirts that are a true revelation of what nature at its best looks like, this city in British Columbia is one you can visit with high expectations.

If you’re someone that loves exploring the outdoors, Vancouver is the place for you.

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Stanley Park

Stanley Park is Vancouver’s largest and most diverse park. With kilometer-long trails, gushing waterfalls, picturesque views of the sky, mystical trees, and wildlife that pose as the residents of the park, this is one place your itinerary cannot afford to leave out. If the park still hasn’t worked its charm on you, it is also home to Vancouver’s largest aquarium!

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

If you’ve always wondered what living amongst trees feels like, this park has the answer for you. While you can’t live in the forest, the park is full of bridges and treetops, located at the height of 110 feet above the ground.

The main attraction is the Suspension Bridge, a long, narrow bridge linking one end of the forest to the other. It’s the perfect place for you to get in touch with your wild side.

VanDusen Botanical Garden

Plants and flowers are truly fortunate if they have the pleasure of residing in the VanDusen Botanical Garden. Spread over 55 acres, this scenic garden is heaven on land. It has over 7,500 species of plants, and you’re likely to leave making some bird and butterfly friends. For when they walk through the garden drains you, there’s a restaurant for you to sit and devour.

If you’ve been waiting for the right pictures to add an aesthetic feel to your social media feed, we can assure you there will be plenty to choose from when you walk out of these gardens.

Grouse Mountain

If seeing the city on land wasn’t enough, you can get a mesmerizing view of Vancouver from the mountaintop. At a short 25 minutes’ distance from downtown, Grouse Mountain holds various activities and offers unforgettable experiences throughout the year.

Summer is the season of love, and if you have run out of date options with your special someone, Grouse Mountain has your back. You can sit back and enjoy hot cacao in summer evenings here, and you can go skiing in winter.

Science World

If you have a child who outsmarts you or is simply looking to polish your science knowledge, then Science World is the perfect place for you and your child. Operated by a non-profit organization, Science World conducts several exhibitions and workshops about all thing’s science. It is an interactive space, and you will leave feeling smarter than you entered.


Gastown is a neighborhood in Vancouver and is the perfect place for you if you’re always feeling Throwback Thursday. Gastown celebrates Vancouver’s heritage and is surrounded by Victorian buildings. Whether you want to live here or visit the place, Gastown stands out from other parts of the city with its shops, restaurants, and galleries.

Getting To Vancouver

After all the praise and hype about Vancouver, we bet you can’t wait to visit it and experience the city firsthand. Pack your bags and get ready for a thrilling, adventurous, and serene vacation.