Wednesday, 19 Jun 2024
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The Galileo 80 Superyacht Takes Luxury to New Heights with a Helicopter Pad

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Imagine living in the utmost comfort, where the open sea is your playground, and you don’t have to worry about anything. One where you can easily move by sea or air and enjoy the highest levels of comfort, amenities, and luxury. A superyacht with a helipad is incredibly flexible and opens up a whole world of options. With room for helicopters, you can easily get to your superyacht from even the most remote places, skipping the limits of ports and airports. The Galileo 80 from Admiral Yachts is a great choice for people who want to travel the ocean in style while enjoying the outdoors.

This 80-meter steel and aluminum superyacht has a striking five-deck plan and a sleek profile that blends form and function well. Admiral Yachts is building her, using a design by the Italian Sea Group. Her quick delivery time means you can start your amazing trip as soon as the last quarter of 2024.

She is a well-known ocean-going explorer, and one of her best features is the helipad on her large front deck. The helipad is more than just a place to rest and take off. It lets you get to even the most remote places. It’s a place that can be used for a lot of different things, and it’s easy to turn into a big party area where you can have unforgettable events while looking out at the ocean. The helipad is the best place to have fun, from fancy drink parties to small gatherings under the stars. On the same deck, there is also a large main saloon with a tea area, a well-stocked bar, and many comfortable places to sit. This makes it a great place to hang out and rest. On the back deck, there is a beautiful circular pool surrounded by soft sunpads where you can lay out and soak up the sun. This outdoor oasis is even better with a moving lounge area and a full bar, so you can fully enjoy the beautiful views of the area.

Her luxurious interior design shows off the best of the Italian Sea Group’s in-house teamwork, with modern and stylish living areas that can be changed to fit each person’s tastes and preferences. She has beautiful gold accents and 2.35-meter-high ceilings, which give her a feeling of grandeur and luxury that is unmatched. Her large and open design provides a calm and peaceful atmosphere, with plenty of room for relaxing and recharging in your own time. The Galileo 80 offers unbeatable comfort and privacy, with up to 14 people being able to stay in luxurious cabins with private bathrooms. The split-level space in her owner’s loft is another important trait. The owner’s loft is connected to a private lounge with a bar, a gym, and a spa. It also has a private balcony with a jacuzzi and beautiful views of the front of the ship, making it a personal oasis of peace and rest.

This includes her main salon, upper salon, games room, library, and sushi bar, all of which have a calm, light-filled atmosphere. The Galileo 80 is a great place to have fun because it can have a theater, a clinic, and an underground viewing room. Her outdoor areas are just as big as her indoor ones. She has a beautiful beach club with a state-of-the-art gym and direct access to the sea, another pool on her upper deck, and an infinity lounge.

The Galileo 80 superyacht from Admiral Yachts is only sold through FGI Yacht Group. It is the height of luxury, creativity, and pleasure.