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The 3 best marinas in the Mediterranean

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The Mediterranean prides itself on being the sailing destination for the European summer season. If you’re planning on cruising the Mediterranean in 2022, then keep on reading to learn about the three best marinas in the region. Whether you want to berth your yacht for an extended stay or just a short visit, all these marinas offer world-class facilities coupled with wonderful nearby attractions.

3 best Mediterranean marinas

1 – Port Hercules – Monaco


Port Hercules is without question an iconic Mediterranean marina. This deep-water port in Monaco is home to the world’s most elegant superyachts, and nothing can beat cruising into this marina set in one of the world’s most luxurious destinations.

The port offers 700 berths and can accommodate mega yachts up to 130-metres in length. Offering a selection of outstanding facilities, including a host of yachting service providers, Port Hercules is located at the foot of Monaco’s legendary ‘rock’, a 62-metre promontory and home to Monaco’s Old Town and the prince’s palace.

The port is also home to the annual Monaco Yacht Show – one of the world’s most esteemed yacht shows – and the ideal event for yachting enthusiasts to browse  yachts for sale and learn about the latest industry trends.

The playground of the world’s wealthiest, Monaco is the place to see and be seen in the Mediterranean, and the principality offers plenty of luxurious things to see and do. Just moments from Port Hercules, you’ll find designer boutiques, award-winning restaurants, lavish resorts, and iconic destinations, such as the famed Monte-Carlo Casino. Of course, in one of the world’s most renowned yachting destinations, you’ll also find a host of service providers catering to the yachting and luxury lifestyle, including leading luxury yacht brokers.

2 – Cala del Forte – Italy


Located in the elegant Italian city of Ventimiglia, but technically under the auspices of Monaco, Cala del Forte is regarded as one of the most advanced, best-equipped, secure, and sustainable ports in the Mediterranean. Officially opened by Prince Albert II of Monaco in July 2021, Cala del Forte offers all the facilities and service providers you would expect to find at a world-class port. The marina offers 178 berths that can accommodate yachts up to 70-metres, a shipyard for boats up to 30-metres, storage facilities, shops and designated parking spaces.

Take the elevator directly from the port to the city of Ventimiglia and explore this under-the-radar European city. The Old Town is a must-visit, boasting cobbled streets and picturesque buildings bursting with character, while along the waterfront, you’ll find plenty of chic bars and restaurants. Ventimiglia is regarded as offering some of the best cuisines in Liguria, so make sure you leave time to explore the local cuisine, including trofi pesto and cheese-filled focaccia.

3 – Puerto Portals – Mallorca


Puerto Portals is one of the most popular mega yacht destinations in the Mediterranean, and for good reason too. Located on the western coast of the island of Mallorca, it is nestled right in the centre of the Bay of Palma. The port offers 670 berths for yachts up to 60-metres. The marina provides impeccable service levels to cater to the needs of the most demanding yacht owners and charterers. Beyond typical marina services, Puerto Portals offers a range of nautical shops, meeting rooms, bank services, car rental services, a waiting quay, 24-hour crew, and a recycling area.

The port is located just moments away from some of Mallorca’s best attractions, making it a convenient berthing point for those seeking to explore this chic destination. Just over 10-kilometres away is Mallorca’s vibrant capital, Palma de Mallorca, which offers elegant designer boutiques, award-winning restaurants, and spectacular Mediaeval architecture in its delightful Old Town.

There can be no question that cruising into any of the above marinas will not only ensure all your yachting needs are catered to but also offer a spectacular destination to explore.