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Are you tired of constant work, and you need recuperation? Do you need a vacation that will make your friends feel jealous? Today, you will not surprise anyone with trips around Europe, vacations at the sea or on the shore of a lake. At the same time, various options for recreation abroad and in an unusual environment are quite expensive and not “affordable” for many citizens.

The Explorer Tours company offers such vacation options that can satisfy your need for new experiences, creative filling of pages on social networks and, most importantly, gives you the opportunity to do this on the most acceptable financial terms.

The staff is the backbone of a good quality trip

Journey is organized thanks to the well-coordinated and efficient work of the company’s staff. The professionals who provide Rocky Mountain hiking tours are committed to interacting with clients, creating a holistic approach of caring for the client and respecting their individual preferences regarding recreation.

Guides organize the movement of travelers, ensure their comfort and broaden their horizons. They also create an atmosphere of relaxed interaction between travelers in the process of recreation and events. The main role belongs to managers – specialists who successfully organize travel, work out logistics and all the nuances along the way with the client.

What are the travel conditions?

The pricing policy is focused on the needs of vacationers – $95 to $210 per participant when calculating per person. Group travel prices range from $545 to $1125. There may also be additional fees for special services during the journey. Travel destinations are varied – Asper, Keystone, Vail, Beaver, Winter Park, Steamboat.

There is an additional option to collect participants at a designated place. When making journeys, quests, organizing holidays, expanding the cultural horizons of participants, etc. are also possible. You can get round-the-clock support and vacation support at, where employees always provide quality service.

This post was published on 20/08/2022

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