Top Four Hidden Gems For Tourists Travelling To Greece

Only a couple of decades ago Greece was one of Europe’s real backwaters, a beautiful country made difficult to traverse thanks to crumbling (or non existent) roads, and ancient old ferries making at best a few knots an hour trundling between islands that often seemed gloriously stuck in time. Recent years have seen most of this come to an end as EU investment has made this turbulent, yet endearingly friendly country one of the most popular and accessible destinations in Europe; with this development having brought wealth at the price of a substantial loss of character on both the mainland and archipelago. Yet in a country so diverse and home to such cultural and natural riches there are still some real hidden gems to be experienced – just be careful to keep them to yourself for now…




The Vikos Gorge

Northern Greece is a delight for walkers of all ability, with the landscape ranging from low foothills to incredible mountain ranges steeped in the nations folklore and mythology. Although most routes are easily accessible by public transport this part of the country is rarely explored by many visitors, and is home to the Pindus mountains, the highlight of which is the jaw dropping Vikos gorge. Measuring in parts as the deepest canyon in the world, the gorge offers majestic views from many angles, with excellent hiking routes and picturesque villages connected by iconic stone bridges.





The Med’s southern most island is also arguably it’s least spoilt and developed, offering a bare minimum of facilities serving scores of beautiful long beaches and coves. Ideal for those looking to camp and make a holiday on a budget, it is a fantastic option for a multi-destination tour and is as far as the beaches of Xante and Corfu as can be imagined. Check this link for fantastic options of e-cigarette that suits your taste!





Situated on the island of Ikaria in the Eastern Aegean, those looking for somewhere to soak up traditional Greek island life will find this small fishing village an ideal destination. The slow pace seems to make the days feel long and tranquil, especially when enjoyed from one of the ancient Tavernas serving the freshest catch of the day. Just a little while inland lies the fabled Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.





A tiny island just off the Peloponnese mainland, there is almost nothing here apart from perhaps Greece’s most glorious beach with accompanying crystal clear water. The tiny village has so far been able to stave off development with most visitors arriving on scheduled ferries for a days trip, and is only a couple of miles gentle stroll from the beach itself. Ideal for snorkeling and swimming, it is the perfect tonic away from the hustle and bustle – and especially popular with Greek holiday makers for this very reason!

Greece’s Stance on Electronic Cigarettes

logoThe E-cig or electronic cigarette was first introduced in the U.S. market in the year 2007; it offers nicotine addicts and alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. E-cigs usually have a similar appearance to that of regular cigarettes, but look on its internal side then you’ll see the difference. E-cigs don’t have tobacco in the, instead a mechanism that heats up liquid nicotine is present inside, which turns it into smoke that is inhaled and exhaled by the smoker. Many manufactures and customers are satisfied of the nicotine vapor that offers many advantages over regular cigs. Though, regulatory agencies and health experts are not quite sure of the safety of the E-cig, as it can have possible side affects both harmful to the user and the public around them. Tight regulations on e-cigarettes claim that the device be deemed illegal until further trials are conducted on the product to prove its safety.


The EU and E-cigs

The EU produces a proposal that controls the distribution of tobacco and nicotine products. You can read more about their stance on electronic cigarettes at the Best Electronic Cigarette Blog. The proposal includes a wide range of issues, including the labeling and warning on cigarette packs; restrictions on branding; control on additives and flavoring; and measures that apply alternative tobacco products such as e-cigarettes. The directives of this makes it harder or even impossible for smokers to switch to less daggering nicotine products, this can cause more death than disease than it can prevent.


Matter of a health issue

The healths of real people are at stake here, with smoking already killing 600,000 and costing billions annually. Quitting rates have been incredibly low, despite of years and years of effort exerted for drug development. A recent study shows that 28% of European adults still smoke, despite knowing the dangers of the product. Smokers may choose to use e-cigarettes instead of the conventional more harmful ones.


Pros and cons of E-cigs

In a study that involved 50 tobacco addicted smokers, the experiment concluded that smiking e-cigs eased the desire of smoking to the user, well tolerated, and acted more as a Nicotine inhaler than a tobacco product.

An online survey also showed that 96% of its participants said the e-cigs helped them to quit smoking, while 90% said that e-cigs helped them crave less, cope with the withdrawal symptoms, and void a relapse to smoking traditional cigarettes again.

Even with these studies conducted on E-cigs there are still downsides to this work of modern technology.

A research paper conducted in 2010, suggested that e-cigs lack and important regulatory system, there are no health warnings, proper labels, and clear instructions on how to use and safely dispose of them. The researchers also found out that some e-cigarette cartridges could leak and cause toxic exposure to nicotine.

On the FDA website it is stated that “E-cigarettes could contain some ingredients that can be toxic to humans, and may also contain substances that are not safe”. Also, they suggested that manufacturers of e-cigarettes do not require submitting and clinical study on them, the buyers are not aware of whether they are safe for use , what can kind of potentially harmful chemicals are present in them and how much nicotine do they really inhale while using the product. The FDA is also worried of the marketing of these products as they can even increase addiction to nicotine, especially those young of age, encouraging them to use real tobacco products.

Places to visit in Greek

Best places to visit in Greek.

When it comes to historic tourist attractions to visit, Greek ranks among the best in Europe and the entire world. Apart from ancient ruins, the country is also known for its sunny beaches, whitewashed villages and a welcoming atmosphere. The stunning landscapes, nightlife scenes and other amazing historic sites make the country a top travel destination.
The following are some of the amazing places that you can visit while in Greek:
Located in the Adriatic Sea, Corfu is a favorite destination for yachting enthusiasts. It is the perfect place for those who want to learn more about the cultural influence of the foreign empires that existed in Greece. It is a travel destination that is good for those who want to learn more about Greek mythology.
Thessaloniki is one of the largest cities in Greek characterized by captivating social events and breathtaking nightlife sceneries. This is the reason why it has been considered as the cultural center point of the country. Apart from the white tower, other historic attractions to see include the Byzantine walls, incredible food markets and the Turkish baths.
These are unique cliffs that stand approximately 366 meters into the air. The cliffs are located in close proximity to the village of Kastraki and Kalambaka. The history of the cliffs dates back to the 16th centuries having been built by monks.

This is one of the famous archeological sites that you must visit. It is located near the capital city of Athens. The ancient occupants of the country referred to the site as the center of the earth. To date, the trend continues and it remains one of the most historic places to visit in Greece.

If you are planning to visit Greece with the intention of having a relaxed vacation, Mykonos should be one of your chosen destinations. It is characterized with breathtaking nightlife and a very friendly atmosphere. It is a Greek island that is located in the Aegean Sea and is inhabited by a cosmopolitan society. Mykonos boasts of attractive white sand houses as well as colorful verandas.

These are just but some of the top places you can visit in Greece. The Greek are known to be warm and friendly people and this is one of the reasons that have put the country on the frontline when it comes to tourism. As long as you make your arrangements in advance, touring these historic places will bring nothing but pleasure and memorable moments. If you are wondering which are the best places to visit when you visit Greek ? The above five places could be the answer you need.

Why I love greek

Why I love Greek so much ?

There are several reasons why people like touring Greek. The most thrilling element of the Greek culture is the ease with which people tend to know each other. Even for a new person in the country finds it accommodating to interact with his or her neighbors, easy to make friends in every place they go and also welcoming inhabitants who make life easier. This is amongst other reasons as to why people love Greek.

Being in Greek is more of activities and competitions than staying in a frat house and spending time in parties. Many people who are less conversant with the country view visiting the region to involve going to the bowling alley to pairing off in couples and having game nights. Being in Greek, you will always have that spirit to succeed, compete, and excelling qualities. Since your Greek episode will be always in contest with other chapters on campus to be the best, you will be drawn in in a series of actions and competitions. All such actions will instill in you the competitive edge required to accomplish something later in life. There is a sense of belong that comes in by being a part of a fraternal organization which engages in social activities. You too will get involved and feel good to be a part of something good. running together with your siblings, helping with neighborhood service will leave you with a wonderful sense of accomplishment and solidarity.

It is a known fact that the Greek Life models leaders. Being a part of a Greek society gets you into a headship role in your college or on chapter. You can start fresh at the group chair locality and work your way up to the chapter’s executive board. Some fraternal members discover the basics of leadership and accountability right with their fraternal organizations where they work towards higher posts in the organizations, universities clubs, and student government.

While it is a great thing to be encircled by great friends, you will learn further by interacting with new people during a Rush. A Rush is an significant part of fetching a Greek and there is one craze that Rush does- it makes every member a high-quality vendor! This is because you will be trained how to sell your fraternity to the soon to come probable new members, in the rush workshops conducted by senior members. You will learn about your fraternal organization in detail- all about its history of awards, accomplishments and other reasons why the new comers should join your fraternity. If you share your year, subject or classes with other frat brothers or sisters, then you can easily benefit from a study group.

The fraternal organizations become more beneficial to those graduating. After course completion, you will find yourself in the job market. By having skill from this fraternity, one can comfortably compete and fit appropriately in the new environment. From the Greek organizations, you can get excellent networks. These networks are spice up by availability of former colleagues who have become successful in the market commonly known as alumni. Due to their influence in the market, you will probably get summer jobs and even some permanent job opportunities. The senior members will prefer working with their fellow young ones hence a good chance for getting employment.

It’s quite obvious that these Greek organizations and fraternal are not merry go rounds but rather important activities for the future of the youngsters in the country. The idea of networking opens better chances to the participants as well as giving them head starts in their respective careers. Some of the groups have been able to create even online platforms where every member can post his or idea. This platform brings all the members closer despite of the distance between them.

Greek Food

What are the best food to eat, while living in Greek.

Greece is one of the best places to spend your summer holidays. There are several spectacular scenes in this place. In fact, Greece receives so many tourists during the summer season. Many of them interested in visiting the great islands in the country. In addition, Athens the great city of Greece attracts thousands of tourists each year. However, for you to have a great experience in Greece just like any other place, you have to invest in great foods. Great foods does not necessarily mean expensive foods. Therefore, for those who have been asking What are the best foods to eat, while living in Greek, below are some of the answers.

Just as it is the case with many tourist places, you should choose wisely. Going for the “toursisty” food requires so much caution in the selection bit. One thing for certain is that you can always identify some of those restaurants in Greece and for instance Athens. You will find these places with several taverns together serving like restaurants. Outside the taverns you will find waiters convincing you to get in and eat. At such places, foods like Greek salad, fava, taking boiled horta which served with feta cheese, marinated sadines, lathera, tzatziki and others would do you great.

You can do yourself a very big favor if you try to refrain food. This is not in the sense that such foods are not healthy. The idea is that most of them are normally pre-cooked. Therefore, as you order for it, what would be done is just warming. Consequently, you will not the crispy feeling and taste that comes fried foods.

Another tip is that you should not take too much of your time trying to find vegetarian restaurants. This does not imply that such places are not available. On the contrary, if you needed one, you will quickly find one. The issue is that most of the foods are exotic. These are not originally Greek meals. Therefore, all chances are that you will be overcharged. Much as we are looking to have great meals, it is also wise if we watched our budgets.

You should always keep off from restaurants that almost any cuisine but in little bits. You will find them serving Greek food, pasta, burgers, pizza and many more. Most of their foods are just so ordinary. Therefore, sticking with those restaurants that offer a single type of meals is better.

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